Admission is
$7 at the door
$6 per day w/coupon
$10 for both days

Advance Tickets
$5 per day

Advance Tickets
available for
purchase online
until 5/14/2015.
2015 Exhibitors
Who they are, services and products they brought to you:

Cosmic Connections
Aura Imaging Photography ~ Gayle DuVan
Aura Imaging Photography featuring aura and chakra photos with our Aura Video Station
Biofeedback System that will measure, analyze and display an accurate representation of your
emotional and energetic state. A 22-page full color report includes the colors in and around you and
a representation of the colors, size and shape of your seven major chakras as pictured to the right.  
The full color report and verbal interpretation / reading is only $50!
See how easy it is to change your energy field.  Change how you feel, change your energy, change
what you are attracting and manifesting to you.
E-mail Gayle

Aura Imaging Reports & Readings are available every Saturday at Cosmic Connections.
Visit Cosmic online
JR Rocks~Josephine & Russ Underwood
With over 25 years experience we present our custom made one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry. Our
designs are made using sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire.
Russ has developed his own unique style of working with gemstones and fossils. As he says "I
dress up rocks"
Josephine specializes in beaded designs of crystal pendants.
Their styles complement one another. They are both self-taught, not limiting their work to standard
techniques but developing their own separate unique and beautiful styles.

Merchandise Available:
"Eternity Circle" jewelry
Animal totems
Gemstone beads
Gemstones - fossils - minerals
Leather or satin cords
Sculptured old jade
Wearable art of old jade
Always look for the unexpected here at Booth #2

Josephine Underwood
Russ Underwood
Blythewood, SC
Email JR Rock Shop
803 337 4082

Mystic Heart: Spiritual Center & Store ~Carol Humphrey
Another great metaphysical store for your shopping pleasure!  We carry incense, oils, candles,
crystals, jewelry, books, tapestries, statues, herbs and more!
Services include but are not limited to: Reiki, Psychic Readings and classes.  Come check us out at
the show and at our store!
Located at 12020 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet.  
E-mail Carol
Visit online

Chiropractic Nashville~Dr. Chad McClellan
Chiropractic Nashville is a family Health and Wellness Center offering chiropractic, nutrition,
exercise and rehabilitation therapy.  
Chiropractic Nashville is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives by combining
skill and expertise that span the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.
Come by our booth for FREE spinal screenings.  *Package Deals*.  

Visit Chiropractic Nashville Website
Email Brian at Chiropractic Nashville

Natural Systems of Wellbeing  Mary Glesige
Mary is an LMT, Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. Stop and see her for a variety of services available
during expo weekend and experience a whole feeling of balance and renewal.
Contact her for longer and more in-depth sessions at her office. Experience the "Free Soul"
connection as taught by Pete Sanders, author of
"You Are Psychic".   Bring awareness into your daily

Mary has studied the Patchuki Mesa (Medicine Wheel) for 10 years with Curandero do Oscar
Miro-Quesada. She can help to enlighten you with her Mesa readings, $20 for 15 minutes.

E-Mail Mary
Visit her online

Mindful Nourishment 4U   Missy Travis
Get the relief you need with chair massage, Reiki or essential oil anointing. Learn how Holistic
health Coaching can guide you to a healthy, fulfilling and peaceful life

E-Mail Missy
Visit her online   and here online

Intuitive Spirit Artworks: healing Through Art Kim Layton
Kim is passionate about painting. Kim is a Clairvoyant as well as a spirit artist. Kim sits down with
each client in a private setting to paint what she sees while giving a reading. Sessions last 40
minutes so appointments are necessary. Angels and guides and heavenly landscapes appear on
their canvas.  This painting becomes your own meditation piece and previous clients continue to
see new things develop in their paintings for months afterwards!  Kim will also do a regular intuitive
reading for you at $30 for 30 minutes.    Come join Kim at her booth all weekend!

Email Kim
Visit Kim online

Readings by Gina - Gina Griffiths
Gina is a gifted intuitive reader with 20 years experience. She is a clairvoyant, channeler, pet psychic,
aura reader and medium. Gina does not use any cards, higher spiritual guidance comes through
while she tunes into your vibration. Bring your questions about love, career, your spiritual path, or
questions about your animal friend (your pet does not need to be present).  You can also simply ask
what do your angels want you to know or connect with your loved ones who have passed, including
(615) 252-6922

Enjoy Gina's  Seminar "Psychic Development & Animal Communication"
Saturday @ 12:45pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Carole Eve - Psychic - Medium, Tarot, Past Lives
Carole Eve has 40 years experience in working with the Tarot, Spirit Guides  and Angels, sharing
information with you about your  Past Lives, Love, Health and Finances. Carole contacts your loved
ones on the other side.  Come say hello to them again!
Email Carole Eve

Rev. Karen Kenny ~ Psychic, Psychic Medium...
She has 30 years experience in her field. She is also nationally known and has Traveled Extensively
to give Readings and speak on a wide range of Metaphysical Topics.
Her gift began at the age of 10. Karen began her Spiritual journey in earnest in 1972 when she
began communication with her spirit guides and Loved ones who had crossed over!

Rev. Kenny underwent intensive studies at the famous Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, one of three in
the world.
She has been a guest speaker and has taught there as well. She has been a guest on several
Radio Shows back home and has been interviewed by various television channels in her area.  She
is an ordained Spiritual Minister, has studied with Tibetan Monks for 8 years and was initiated to
take Refuge as a Buddhist, merging the wisdom of both teachings of great Masters of both East and

Her readings consist of Soul Purpost/Lesson, Past Lives, Channeled Loves Ones Crossed over,
Resolving love issues, Advice or best time Career Choices, Messages from your Angels or Spirit
guides, all areas of life.
E-mail Karen Kenny

Golden Light Rainbow - Yvonne Golden Light
Reader, Healer, Teacher: Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Channeler. Healing / Medical
Intuitive. Card reader, energy bodyworker, minister, shaman, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Numerologist,
LMT, Mediator, Silva Healing Touch and more!

E-mail Yvonne Washington

Enjoy Yvonne's Seminar  "Spiritual Symbolism"  
Sunday @3:00pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Nashville Academy of Reflexology  - Gaia Tossing, Jan Schim, Carol Ann Baily and students
Students of Nashville Academy of Reflexology are providing 15-minute foot reflexology sessions for
$10. NAR offers a 300-hour professional certification program to become a reflexologist.


Enjoy Gaia's Seminar
Reflexology Remedies for Pain Relief" on
Saturday @ 2:15 pm in Room B
Cost: FREE


Tune Into Balance ~ Johnny Steenland
Balance your biomagnetic field with a Medical QiGong Treatment. Remove energetic blocks. Center
your deepest expression of self in balance and unity with the flowing currents of yin and yang.

email Johnny
Visit online

Suzie Kerr Wright - Astrologer - Psychic Medium
Intuitive Consultant - Tarot - Reiki Master and Life Transition Specialist
Suzie has been offering stellar readings to clients for over three decades, giving deep, honest
advice with a slice of charm and a dash charisma to sweeten the consultation. A well-established
Astrologer and metaphysical expert, she infuses a broad spectrum of spiritual guidance to provide
you with the tools you need to take charge of your life and prosper in all you do. Her Certification in
Holistic Life Coaching and Human Resources field add to her ability to empower, educate and
uncover your abilities and potential.
Suzie has appeared on television, writes Astrology columns and video blogs for various       
publications, hosts her own radio show and is a regular feature on radio as “The Cosmic Cupcake”.
As a singer, drummer, ghost tour guide she is a true musician/entertainer as well.  Her beautifully
ornate, full size Gypsy Wagon is a big hit at fairs, festivals and corporate events around town.  There
are no limits to her inspiration or creativity!

Suzie offers these services:
Astrology and Tarot classes
Psychic Development workshops
Reclaiming Your Life After Divorce -a 6 week program
Psychic Parties and Corporate Events
Paranormal Investigations

Email Suzie
Suzie's Website

Enjoy Suzie's Seminar
Finding Real Love Through Astrology" on
Sunday @ 12:30 pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

The Healing Place  ~ Energyworks by Carole
Energetic Wellbeing ~  Carole Bratcher
Carole Bratcher provides transformational healing energywork. She can support you to change
whatever you feel you want to change in your life. No matter who you are, no matter what, you
deserve the healing light of love. Carole's service is to connect you to that light.

Email Carole
Visit with Carole online
13  Leeann Spiegelberg
Magi guiding star discs, incense, sage, essential three oils, brain sync CDs, earthly Body Candles
and more!  Earthmother LLC offers you products to help you on your spiritual path.

Shop online

Barbette Spitler
Angel Medicine: The Angels themselves have brought forth this work, which is unlike any other
program or modality.  Angel Medicine combines Angel wisdom with the science of energy medicine.
The process is profound. The results are astounding. Working with the Angels is enlightening.  
Come see for yourself.

Visit online

Alchemy of Sol~Linda Morse
We create and lovingly handcraft skin-loving, all-natural shea butter soap. Alchemy of Sol uses
organic oils, pure essential oils, herbs, grains and clays. No GMO's. No soy. No synthetic colors or

Visit Alchemy of Sol Website

Auradora Design ~Christa & David Holtz
Artistic Orgone pendants, accelerators, pyramids, mandalas and guitars. Through combining
crystals, meta spirals and gemstones within a polymer resin, a positively charged energy field is

Email Auradora
Visit them online to see more!

Teva Jane, Timeless Earth Collections  ~ Teva Chaffin
Jewelry designed to reflect the flow of nature while capturing a slice of its beauty and energy in a
style described as "mystical realism". Available in sterling silver and 14k gold.

Email Teva
Visit online

Energy Medicine - Empathic Intuitives ~ with Marg Heeney & Cherie Hawkins
Transformative Energy -- Sally Hinkle
Energy Medicine combines various intuitive and healing methods for elimination of discomfort or
pain either physical, mental or emotional. This work is based on multiple modalities including
Yuen Method, matrix Energetics, Spiritual Response Therapy, Life Alignment, Transformational
Healing, and Reiki. The work can also incorporate the use of other healing tools like essential
oils / essences, crystals, color and more....
Visit Sally Hinkle online

Enjoy Marg's  Seminar
"Talk to Your Loved Ones That Have Crossed Over"
Saturday @ 3:00pm in Room A
Cost: FREE
Enjoy Cherie's  Workshop:
"Stress and Pain Relief"
Sunday @ 2:15pm in the 'Classroom Area"
Cost: $20                               
Tickets available at admission table and 15-minutes prior workshop in front of class area.

Natural Options Aromatherapy ~ Billy Galloway
Natural Options offers essential oils, creams, bath salts, roll-ons, shower gels, mists, diffusers and
education.  Ionic Detox Machines and sessions.

Shop online

Enjoy Billy's Seminar
"Aromatherapy for Wellness" on
Sunday @ 11:45am in Room A
Cost: FREE

PhatRocks / Crystal Revelations - Patricia Krimmel
At Phat Rocks / Crystal Revelations you will find the finest crystals, stones and gifts gathered from all
over the world. As well as smudging supplies; jewelry; chakra stones, tapestries and more!

Email PhatRocks
Visit them online

Cindy & Michael.  Harmony Now - Cindy & Michael Fess
Twin flame psychics from Louisville, Ky. Cindy is an award-winning artist, jeweler, author and
motivational speaker. Michael is an award-winning composer with over 16 albums of guided
meditation and new age music.

Email Michael
Visit Online

Amber Banks ~ In Sight with Amber
Amber Banks is a psychic, medium and hypnotherapist. She provides guidance and delivers
messages to her clients, counseling them toward a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Email Amber
Visit her online

A Mystics Garden - Jan Petrie & Dawn Prior
Crystal jewelry, massage wands, energy tools, relaxation and meditation music.  Also accurate
readings from an experienced reader.

Email Jan

Enjoy Jan's Seminar
"How To Create the Life You Want"
Sunday @ 2:15pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Sea Star - Carol Starr & Don LaFrance
Hand-crafted unique jewelry, dream catchers and components (jewelry focals, sterling silver and
antler products). Also tumbled stones for bead embroidery, wire work or to fill your medicine bag.

Shop online with Sea Star
Shop online with Feathered Dreams

Pink Heart Healing ~ Beth Ann Kennedy
Come and enjoy energy healing with crystals and shamanism and a connection with your higher
and inner self.
Beth utilizes her gift of being a natural channel during readings and healing sessions, working with
masters, guides, various global deities or accessing your Akashic Record to bring forward
information and the history of your soul. Sessions assist the client into connections with their own
intuition and soul wisdom through the vehicle of channeled guidance and direction. Sessions begin
like a meditation but evolve into a dynamic interaction and deep levels of self-awareness.
Healing sessions may consist of one or more modalities including Crystal surgery, Crystal healing,
Reiki or Theta Healing. There is often release of intuitive blocks, past lives, family karma or habitual

Email Beth
Visit Beth online

Safe Harbor Tarot & Runes - Nancy Ellen & Laurie Eileen
Tarot / Dream Interpretation ~ Nancy            
Runes ~ Laurie


Let Laurie relate your past, present and future with her magical stones of Viking and Celtic origin.  
She discovered a fascination with Runes when she visited Ireland years ago.  She developed the
Tree of Life RUNE Readings with clients choosing their own stones, giving explanations and a
sheet of Rune symbols with short meanings.  Private questions are answered at the end of the
Have Nancy help you identify opportunities and define your Goals for your life and loves in the
coming months.  Nancy studied Tarot with Gail Fairfield (Choice-Centered Tarot & Choice-Centered
Astrology books) and Dreams with Robert Moss (Conscious Dreaming/The Three Only Things &
many more dream books).           
A CD is made and given with all  Nancy's readings. She does dream interpretations with your
questions answered through Tarot and her dream studies, to help you understand how your
unconscious works through your dreams to bring you to…Attention & Action!

Laurie & Nancy  appear psychic and metaphysical shows in the 5 state areas of
Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky/Missouri/Illinois  (and now Tennessee!)    
Their home base is the Indianapolis/Anderson, Indiana area

We know you will enjoy this new addition to the Galactic Expo.
email Nancy or Laurie
Visit with them online

Henna Art / Mehndi / Temporary Henna Tattoos - Seemi Abidi
Beautiful Henna Art temporary henna tattoo body art.   Lasts about 7 days and takes just minutes to
apply! Seemi intuitively chooses the perfect design for you by reading your energy and drawing what
comes through. Starting at $25
Seemi is available for events and home parties too!

Email Seemi
Visit Seemi on FB

Psychic Becca ~ Becca Jane Buxton
Awaken to your divine purpose and learn how to overcome obstacles with guidance.

Email Becca
Visit Becca online

Enjoy Becca's   Seminar
Developing Your Intuition Through Meditation"
Saturday @  10:15am  in Room B
Cost: FREE

Restored2Wellness ~ Janet Andrews
30 years experience as a Registered Nurse and Chopra Master Teacher. Empathically revealing
spirit through Tarot.

Email Janet
Visit Janet online

Enjoy Janet's Seminar
Your Chakra System" on
Saturday @ 4:45pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

ECKANKAR, the Light and Sound of God

Learn about the HU, an ancient word, or mantra that can be sung in a long, drawn out tone to invite
peace and upliftment into your life.  HU is a gift to humanity and when sung in a group, this
undirected prayer uplifts all who resonate with it.    
Have you ever had a spiritual experience or wondered how you might open yourself to having one?
Visit the Eckankar Booth at the Galactic Expo to talk with fellow Spiritual Seekers who are sincerely
interested in your experiences. They can share their own stories and help you understand your
experiences with the tools of Eckankar. These tools include Dreams, Past Lives, Waking Dreams,
Golden Tongued Wisdom, and Soul Travel. Enjoy browsing our brochures and books, some of
which are free. Ask about the opportunity to join a one-year monthly Advanced Spiritual Study class.

Visit the Eckankar Tennessee Website

Enjoy our   Seminar
HU: An Ancient Mantra for the 21st Century"
Saturday @ 4:00pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Roger Lee & Jean Busic
A large variety of gemstones, wrapped in silver. Native American inspired smudge / dance /
ceremonial fans and much more!

Email Roger
#31 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

CONJURE SHOP ~ Gregory White & Roy Hamilton
Handmade potions of hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork by Papa Gee and Doctor Bastian. Psychic
Readings, aromatherapy, soap, candles and more.  Lucky Mojo products. Reiki, Reflexology and
Shamanic healing sessions.
Shop with them online!

Shop with them online

World Psychic - LaMont Hamilton

With nearly 40 years of professional experience, LaMont Hamilton has been offering his insight and  
World Predictions to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world through his website with
100's of Predictions posted online and is quickly being recognized as one of the top Psychic
Clairvoyants in the world. His contributions to newspapers, websites, TV, radio shows, and during
lectures cover future predictions related to issues involving; 2015 prophesies, Earth changes,
Politics, Weather, Economics, Science & Technology and Investigations concerning Missing

Women commonly refer to him as "The Baby Psychic" since he can read unborn children that are
still in Spirit, newly conceived, or those children that have passed into Spirit from this world with
inspiration messages of love. He also provides Spiritual advice for women wanting to conceive,
but having problems.

As an Empathic and a Clairvoyant, LaMont is self-taught and understands everything through his
own personal experiences and serves full-time assisting individuals in over 40 countries around
the world. His readings have covered thousands of sessions since he was able to read people
starting at the age of 8 and he has written thousands of predictions since that time and is the
only documented Psychic to predict the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy a full 12 years ahead of time.

He uses no cards, tools, or props to obtain his information and can read anyone that is in the
physical or Spiritual realm since he works with Angels and Guides that bridge both dimensions.

Come and see LaMont and have your own very personal session with him at the Expo!

LaMont was again listed in January 2015 on the website 5 years in a row
as one of their "World's best-known Psychics and Forecasters".

See more info at:

Email LaMont

Enjoy Monte's Group Channeled Event:
"Your Questions Answered By Your Angels"
Saturday @ 3pm in Room B
Cost: $10
Tickets available at admission table and 15-minutes prior workshop in front of class area.

Monica's Yoga Mats- Monica Asmussen
"Yoga Mats as unique as you are."  Hand-painted custom yoga mats.

Email Monica
Shop Yoga Mats online

Venus Brightstar
Sacred medicine bags, shawls, Native jewelry made with elk antlers. sage, sweetgrass and copal.

Email Venus


Stars Are Us Astrology - Ben Mabry
Down-to-earth, transformative, transcendental astrology. The depth, speed and scope of consulting
found only with an experienced, intuitive, devoted astrologer. Software that highlights significant
elements along all relevant time lines.

Email Ben

Vibrationally Sound - Shira Hunt
Your voice is a healer. Reclaim a healthy Vibrant Life. Heal illness, increase energy and find your
purpose. See your personal hidden patterns and learn to change them.
Healing with frequency and sound. Voice Analysis and Sound Therapy.
Stop by my booth and see me during expo weekend!

Email Shira
Visit Shira online

Enjoy Shira's  Seminar
Heal Your World Using Sound"
Sunday @ 1:15pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Divine Treasures TKC ~ Taylor & Kitty Carter
Wire wrapped jewelry. Original designs. Copper, silver, titanium, gold-filled. Quality Craftsmanship.
Crystals, gemstones and specimens. Buy directly from the artist. We take custom orders.  Take a
class with us at Cosmic Connections.
Email Divine Treasures
See us on Facebook
Shop with us online

Stone Quest Lapidary ~Steve Kanies
Designer and custom cut cabochon stones, soldered silver, sterling and gold-filled wire and crystal
jewelry. Scenic and picture stones. Lapidary instruction and classes.

#40 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

Reverend Barb   ~ Rev. Barb Greaney
Reverend Barb is the spiritual healer and counselor you've been waiting to connect with. Call
Reverend Barb (615-885-9697), to ask the Angels, Guides and Spiritual Masters for answers and

Email Rev. Barb
Visit with Barb online

The Crystal Gypsy ~ Tania Smith
Tania Smith is "The Crystal Gypsy" and travels the world to find beautiful old amulets, crystals and
stones which are hand picked for their energy, specializing in old pieces from Tibet. All 1-Of-a-kind
Crystal Gypsy Designs are created with the intention to inspire healing and happiness within the
wearer and are energized with Ancient Tibetan Reiki making each piece a sacred talisman to bring
you peace, joy and love.

Born in Tasmania Australia, now living in the U.S., Tania is an internationally known musician /
healer and jewelry designer. She is a Tibetan Drup Shenpa, which means "healer" in the ancient
Tibetan energy healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod, and is 1 of only 50 Western practitioners of
this healing in the U.S. She carries Tibetan and Peruvian lineage blessings and uses Reiki,
Creative Visualization, Gemstones and Music her work and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
She also offers Intuitive Readings.

Her CDs and Crystal Gypsy Jewelry will be available at her booth as well as Mini Energy Balancing
and Intuitive Reading sessions.

Visit the Crystal Gypsy website

Finish the day with Tania's amazing meditation and group healing:
Tse Dup Yang Bod: Tibetan Soul Healing with the 5 Elements"
Saturday @ 6:15pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Debbie Hawk - Psychic Medium, Rune Reader & Maker  ~ Debbie Hawk & Richard Pontius
Debbie was born with the ability to hear, see and feel spirit as well as learning to read and make
You will also enjoy the angels,  fairies and bracelets  available for sale in their booth along with
handmade soaps and lotions.

Email Debbie Hawk

Angel Radiance Candles ~ Ayesha Nur

Angelically energy-infused candles for Money, Love, Health, Healing, Spiritual Awakening, and
more.  Come see our line of Deity candles and get any candle specially attuned to your own
vibrational creation.
Angel Radiance candles are angelically infused through the linage of the Angel Michael and his
teachings through Dr. Roni Angel, poured through Ayesha Nur.  We specialize in 1005 natural wax
Angel Radiance specializes in pouring healing and blessings candles for any time in your life
Angel Radiance offers six full candle lines including the Chord Therapy line, the Sacred Line,
Meditation Sets, Manifestational Tool Line, Deity Line and the Animal Line.  
One of Ayesha's spiritual gifts is to place herself in a place of sacred space, attune to your current
vibration and pour for you the path you are requesting, allowing you and your own Divine Spirit to
work with the energies of Angel Michael to your highest and best purpose.
Ayesha looks forward to meeting you and  invites you to stop in and ask about these specially
attuned candles as well as the amazing lines Angel Radiance currently offers.
Email Ayesha
Shop online

Embrace Healing Jewelry ~ Crystelle Brown
Offers lovingly hand-crafted gemstone medicine jewelry using quality gemstones and sacred
wood;malas, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more to empower and adorn.
Kundalini Rising Yoga offers Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes every day of the week. The over
5,000 year old sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is a direct, non-stop direct route to consciousness.
Each class last approximately one hour and a half and consists of simple yogic techniques,
meditations and mantras that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your age or physical ability.
Oxygen capacity is increased along with blood flow to the glands, resulting in heightened
awareness and endurance so you can meet and overcome life's challenges.
Even in just one class, the untapped evolutionary energy within you (the Kundalini energy) can
awaken you to the profound experience of your Soul.

Kundalini Yoga online

#45 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

Quantum Touch   /  / ~    Gene & Lucy Skaggs
Gene Skaggs, is presently the only Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner in the middle
Tennessee area. Quantum Touch is a method of hands-on healing that literally must be
experienced to be believed. The process is based on the Quantum physics laws of energy.
The body is energy and when there is a restriction of this natural flow of energy, the body will
manifest illness. The body technically isn’t sick, but the mind/chakras, or as Quantum Touch calls
them energy vortexes has a restriction in its flow.
Quantum Touch practitioners are shown how to active the energy to allow it to naturally seek its
normal/optimal flow and all the body will do is mirror the movement of the energy.
Gene has a private counseling practice, a PSYCH-K facilitator, and teaches A COURSE IN
MIRACLES. He has written four books on the Course and two addition books based on
messages he has received from his son, Anderson. Anderson is still revealing messages to him
at the present time.
Please go to to read more about Quantum Touch and Gene’s testimonies. displays the six books Gene has written.

one miracle@

Enjoy Gene's Seminar
Quantum Touch" on
Saturday @ 12:00pm in Room B
Cost: FREE
Enjoy Gene's Workshop
Quantum Touch Techniques" on
Saturday @ 4:00pm in the Classroom Area
Cost: $20

Julia Marie ~ Certified Medium~Intuitive~Healer~Artist

Julia Marie experienced spontaneous activation of her spiritual gifts and healing ability 25 years ago.
Over the decades, she trained with experts in diverse fields of study in order to better understand
how to work with her gifts in a conscious way. She offers readings and transdimensional healing to
assist you on your journey.
She has a blog at where she writes articles
aimed at encouraging people to Live from the Inside Out ™ by learning to follow one’s inner
guidance with confidence.

Julia Marie is a certified medium who continues to study the mechanics of mediumship in an effort
to improve upon her natural ability as an evidential medium. She was one of only eight mediums
personally recommended by Lisa Williams on her website and had the privilege of reading for
people all over the world.
During a sitting, Julia Marie will work to connect with your crossed over loved ones and to bring
through messages from them.
Since January 2013, Julia will sometimes bring through a sketch of the person with whom she is
connecting. Should this happen for you during your session, you get to keep the drawing and any
notes as a gift from Spirit.

An Intuitive Reading can often provide clarity about your current life situations including career,
relationship, health and money issues. During a reading, Julia Marie blends her energies with
those of Spirit, your Spirit Guides and angels and other beings from the higher Light Realms to
deliver information that will assist you in making your own decisions. She does not use any tools.
She is able to directly access the level of consciousness that holds the information.

A past life reading can give a new perspective on why a person may experience recurring patterns or
hold certain beliefs. (We will look at two or three relevant lifetimes).

Julia Marie will offer drawings of your angels, Spirit Guides, totem animals, Past Life, or your Soul
These drawings are rendered with pastels, and she does them with her fingers, which allows the
energy of what she is accessing to be deposited on the paper, thus creating a custom energetic
doorway for you to work with should you choose to do so.

Julia Marie looks forward to being of service to you this weekend.

St. Louis, Missouri

The Spirit Chrysalis
Frank A. Castellano~Psychic Medium
Frank Castellano is a sixth generation psychic medium. Born with both clairvoyance and
clairaudience, his clairsentience kicked in at age six. At age 16, Frank began working as a profiler
for the Baldwin Park Police Department and then went on to do personal readings within the
metaphysical community.
Frank delivers messages to help with current life situations including romance, career, and financial
issues, and how to move through them, as well as what awaits in your future! With many clients,
Frank is able to provide extremely detailed information, including dates, names, geographic
locations, etc. Frank will also help you connect with your loved ones on the other side and hear their
messages for you!
Frank has been featured on WVVR 100.3 and has numerous appearances on television.

E-mail Frank
Visit Frank's website

Enjoy Frank's Group Gallery
Communicating Through the Veil - Group Mediumship"
Sunday @ 10:45am in Room B
Cost: $10                

Worldtrendz ~Mini Kaur
Women's apparel in tie dye and batik technique, rayon acid wash, cotton and silk sundresses,
skirts, blouses, belly dance costumes, hip scarves, shawls, bags, statues, tapestries, singing
bowls, jewelry and more.
Email WorldTrendz
Shop online

Dr. Diane Holmes, D.C., L.Ac.
Dr. Holmes brings many years of experience in chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese herbs to the
treatment of chronic and difficult health problems.

Connect with us online

#52 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

Estella Camelion  ~ Spirit Artist ~ The Kitchen Window People
Estella lives on a mountaintop plateau in North Central Alabama with her husband and two cats.
She is a Reiki Master, has certifications in various other methods of energywork and has completed
the Master Gardener course from Auburn University.    
Spirit's Journey  is her book about her poetry
and art,
Is God Dreaming or Am I? tells the story of her incredible life, and The Kitchen Window
is full of the people she has drawn through the years, people she sees while looking
through her kitchen window.
Come and sit with Estella and have your Spirit Art drawn.  A reading comes through while drawing
and the picture will give you messages for weeks to come.

Email Estella

Twin Flame Psychic Mediums:
Psychic Medium Randy Farley
Enjoy a reading from the survivor of two near-death experiences. Receive a unique perspective as
the mysteries of your life are unraveled and presented to you in your reading. Reconnect with a loved
one who has crossed over. All readings are confidential.  Hugs are free :-)
Nashville & Ten Mile TN
Visit Randy online

Psychic Medium Victoria Leigh Farley
As a conscious channel specializing in relationships and spirituality, Victoria has helped thousands
of people around the world, consistently and accurately advising them in the areas of love,
spirituality, and life choices. With her own brand of Southern charm, Victoria quickly and accurately
connects with her divine council—whom she calls Ezekiel—to bring forth straightforward answers to
each life path challenge.
Visit Victoria online

Structural Integration~Rotonya Troup, Mary Alice Felder,  Julia Robinson
Structural Integration induces change in the body through myofascial manipulation with the purpose
of bringing the body toward an ordered pattern. The results are improved posture, freedom in
movement and an increased awareness of your body and overall well-being.

Rotonya online         615-538-7429      email Rotonya
Mary Alice online      615-260-1929      email Mary Alice
Email Julia                615-428-4299

Learn more about this amazing method of bodywork at the Free Seminar
"Benefits of Structural Integration"
Sunday @ 12:30pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Visionhawk Music ~ Linda Angel & Rick Dunlap
Meditation and sound healing. Musical instruments, CDs and more!

Shop online with VisionHawk     

Spirit Dancer Crystals ~ Jean Tindle
Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry and gifts from the Heart of Mother Earth.  
Shamanic Energywork Sessions.  20 years of study with Peruvian Shamans have made Jean's
energywork something you will want to experience!
Enjoy Jean's Workshop
Creating Abundance Through Crystals " on
Saturday @ 4:00pm in the Classroom Area
Cost: $20


Visionary Artist Beverly Stephan....

Beverly Stephan is an amazing clairvoyant who uses 'paint blending' as a tool to facilitate her
mediumship.  Once she connects with your spirit guides, this energy provides the blueprint to
creating a one-of-a-kind 8 x 10 piece of art, exclusively for you.  Then the reading begins....Together
you will discover the faces of your spirit guides, power animals and totems, angels, clues to past
lives, secret symbols, and more are hidden in your art reading.

More about Beverly at:
As your Art Reading continues to materialize, you will enjoy the information on this link

Lee Ashley, Medium
Lee is an internationally known psychic medium. Alongside "Long island medium" Theresa Caputo,
Lee is a certified medium with the Forever Family foundation.

Email Lee
Visit Lee online

Join Lee for her:  "Talking with Heaven" a group gallery-style mediumship reading
Sunday @ 1:15pm in Room B
Cost: $10 per person

Amy Anderson - Psychic Medium
Amy is a gifted psychic and medium known for her detailed visions and big picture depictions of a
soul's grater journey.

Email Amy

#61 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

Earth Circle Creations ~ Bill Schook
Herbs, herbal tinctures, Herbal Remedies, salt lamps, Amethyst Bio-Mat and More!

Visit them online

Thistle Farms
Thistle farms is the social enterprise operated by The Women of Magdalene. Magdalene is a
residential community for women who have survived lives of abuse, addiction and prostitution.

615-298-1140 x 227
Email Thistle Farms
Shop Online

Learn the story:  
"Thistle Farms & Magdelene: How Love Heals All"
Sunday @ 3:00pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Stone & Crystal Energywork / Tarot Reading  ~ Kelly McCullough
Kelly in a psychic and strong empath, able to sense a client's emotions and physical pain and
discomfort.  She uses these abilities to assist her clients in a 'laying-on-of-stones' energywork
session as well as in a tarot reading.

During sessions, Kelly receives information from her own body as well as her Spirit Guides to
assist her in working with a client.

During a stone session, cell memory cords and attachments are released, allowing more peace,
comfort, joy and understanding to take their place.

During an energywork session a client can have a number of experiences ranging from deep
relaxation to emotional releases to astral travel and peeking into other dimensions.

As you set your intent for your session or reading, it is Kelly's goal to help her clients progress
toward a higher state of consciousness.

Email Kelly
Visit Kelly online

Curio Grove-Kevin & Janet Burgart
CurioGrove offers many types of quartz crystals,metaphysical stones, healing and grounding tools,
minerals, spheres, jewelry, rough, tumbled and therapy stones.

We welcome you to follow us on our FaceBook Group:  CurioGrove.
Visit us online

Jane Lyons, MHt
Jane Lyon-Psychic Medium, Spiritualist, Author, Spirit Messenger, Metaphysical Practitioner and
Professional Psychic. Jane practices what she 'preaches', lovingly delivering spirit messages and

Jane: 615-390-3957
Email Jane
Click here to see Jane online

Seminar info coming soon!
Saturday @ 4:00pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Riverside Nashville ~ Alicia Jones
Alicia Jones is a wife, mom, minister and author. She passionately pursues the heart of God,
listening for the Holy Spirit's whispers and invites others to do the same. Jones has a prophetic
gifting that blesses and brings healing to the hearts of many. She serves as the pastor of outreach
at Riverside Nashville, where she also teaches classes on the prophetic.

Email Alicia
Visit Riverside Nashville online

#69 is intentionally missing!
We have grown into two rooms and moved a few booths  into the new space.
That's more room for you to visit with your favorite booths.  More free seminars and even a couple of classes!  See you there!

Music City Center For Spiritual Living

An intentional community that is a loving, healing and teaching center that supports individual
transformation and personal vision to create a better life and world that works for everyone!
With a variety of services available, Music City Center for Spiritual Living meets the needs of all age
groups. Whatever your  lifestyle or spiritual path, you are welcomed.

11 am Sunday Services
1012 Buchanan Street
Nashville, TN   37208

(615) 662 – 5539

Reconnective Healing ® ~ Jeff Crawford
Shipibo Tribal Art - Handcrafted Goods
Jeff is one of 5 certified Reconnective Healing® practitioners in TN. He is also a Reiki Master
Teacher, Tarot Specialist and studies with various Shipibo ayahuasca shaman in Peru.

The Shipibo are an indigenous people who reside primarily along the Ucayali River in the Amazon
rain forest in Peru. Even in the 21st century, the Shipibo have maintained and continue to practice
their unique traditions, such as Ayahuasca shamanism.

What Is The Significance Of Their Art?   The intricate patterns and designs on Shipibo handiwork are
inspired by Ayahuasca visions.  The Shipibo believe the Ayahuasca plant to be the “Mother of All
Plants” in the Amazon.  The Ayahuasca plant spirit works with the tribal shaman to heal ailments
(physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), to foretell the future, and even to travel inter-
dimensionally.  While in trance, a shaman can travel free of time and space limitations and connect
to the Universal Mind in order to do the healing work that is necessary.

Email Jeff
Visit with Jeff online. Shop Shipibo Tribal Art

Learn more about this amazing method of energywork
"Reconnective Healing & Demonstration"
Saturday @ 4:45pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Angelic Enterprises~Bonnie & Gary Cardinal
Individual gemstones with metaphysical meaning. Get your copy of Bonnie's Book
"What If". We
produce our Ionic Foot Spas to be able to pass them on at a reasonable price.

Email Bonnie & Gary
Angelic Enterprises Website

Dreams of Star Dolphin Visionary Art ~Eva M. Sakmar - Sullivan
Hight quality reproductions of my visionary art work. Prints, magnets, bookmarks, greeting cards,
oracle deck and my three children's books.

Email Eva
Visit online

Reiki , Energywork, & Mini Tuning Fork Sessions ~ Nina Stern,  Debbie Rhoden
Energy work  in 15 or 30 minute blocks.
Come and see us!  You will love the experience!

Nina Stern: Reiki Master, Reiki is a safe and easy method to assist in healing, not only on the
physical level but also on the emotional and mental level.  Reiki is a light touch non-intrusive therapy
that assists the body’s natural energy to restore balance and to remember its natural healing
process. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning, “Universal Life Force Energy”.  Reiki connect the body,
mind and spirit to achieve wholeness in all areas.
About Nina: My life has been about sharing and growing as an individual.  I have walked the
challenging journey we call life and have always been aware that the source of endless possibilities
is within us.  I have searched and studied now, I am ready to share my knowledge and assist you in
your quest for health and wellbeing.

Diana Shaffer: I have worked with many Teachers and explored many healing modalities during my
journey to become a Reiki Master.  These instructors, teachers and master practitioners have
helped me to hone my skills and provided me the insight I need to help you reach your goal of
enhancement or healing.  
Crystal Readings: The reading is unique, fun, meaningful and powerful.  Your experience unfolds as
we begin to explore the meanings of the crystals you have selected from the 85 gems and stones
you have examined and held.  Each stone has meaning and relates to an important area of your life
that you will immediately recognize. Your reading comes forth gently, honestly, accurately and strong.

Dana Palovik: Hand forged, flame colored copper jewelry.  Each item is unique and may contain
copper, brass or German silver.  Most pieces have been embellished with semi-precious stones or
crystals.  These items have been lovingly created for your enjoyment.  They have been infused with
Love, Peace, Joy and Reiki healing energy.  The metals used enhance the energetic attributes of the
stones or crystals.  Stop by to see if one of these pieces speaks to you.

Diana - 513-6565    
Nina -E-Mail
Email Debbie

Mystic Forest ~ Frank Slagle
Known as the "Bookman" on the road and selling books since 1980. Owns and operates the Mystic
Forest in Mountain Home, AR with partner Joan miller.
Provides Books, Gifts, jewelry, Sarongs, Djembe Drums, Incense, Candles, Tarot Cards, oracle
Cards, Calendars, Music, Crystals, Stones, Chimes, Native American, Sage & Sweetgrass,
oriental Statues, mountain T-shirts, tapestries, and more

Email Mystic Forest

OSHRAM ~ Formerly Angels At Play - Cindy & Dennis Smith
Be sure to stop by and browse and meet Osh, the Ancient Jade Skull.
Rocks, spheres, massage wands and tools, jewelry, pendants, books, cards, Tarot & other
divination decks, tools & sets. Crystal skulls and so much more.


Come and enjoy their  lecture:  
Wisdom Gathering With Osh - The Ancient Jade Oracle
Saturday @ 1:30pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Native American Tarot by Paul~ Paul Barylski
16 years experience in reading the Native American Tarot. Together we will look at your past,
present and future; connect with your Spirit Guides, and find the answers you are seeking.

Email Paul
Connect on FB

Maria Moraca, Channeler
Maria Moraca lives in Durham, NC. She channels Zurac, an insightful, supportive, ascended
being who helps you uncover the unconscious belief systems that you are on this planet to learn
from.  Zurac is free of judgment, gentle, and precise. His responses always come from a
perspective of assisting you in your empowerment.
He specializes in questions that relate to your personal journey & spirituality, and your soul-level
desires.  Zurac’s wisdom is clarifying, his insight is invaluable, and his particular brand of support
is touching and will strengthen your resolve as you progress on your journey.
Schedule your expo-only mini session with Zurac to amp up your forward movement.

Come and enjoy Maria's  lecture:  
"What is Conscious Integrated Channeling?"     
Saturday @ 10:15am  in Room A
Cost: FREE
Enjoy Maria's Workshop
3 Key Beliefs to Release to Connect With
Your Intuition"
Sunday @ 11:45am  in the Classroom Area
Cost: $20

Rhonda Manning: Psychic Medium
Rhonda is one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee and becoming known worldwide. She's
an amazingly accurate evidentiary psychic medium committed to bridging the gap between science
and Spirit.

Email Rhonda
More about Rhonda online

Join Rhonda for  "Messages From Heave Mediumship Gallery"
Saturday @ 11:00am in Room B
Cost: $10 per person

Ms Margo -"The Bone Reader" & Indian Spiritual Store
Ms. Margo has 45 years of experience and has been heard on 12 radio stations, worked with 2
police departments and is known as a "Seer" from the Bear Clan.  She uses animal bones and
stories, is a medium, channeler and Spiritualist
Visit her online

Healing With Heart ~ Lucy Randles
Grateful Heart Plants ~  Bill Randles
Art Heart Designs  ~ Lucy & Bill Randles
Bringing YOU hands-on healing and Emotion Code Release sessions, powerful Light Language
Grids, Holistic Life Coaching, Dish Gardens, Healing Plants with Crystals and hand-crafted jewelry.

Visit Lucy online
More Grateful Heart Information

Wellness Matterz (wellness from A to Z) ~ Nancy Banks
Nancy is passionate bout helping people make beneficial choices that lead to better health.
For over 35 years Nancy has taken the initiative to learn about foods, supplements and modalities
guiding people with simple directions they can take for their own well being.
Nancy educates and inspires people to make the best choices for them. Nancy is considered a
health advocate supporting others in their quest for health and wellness.
She specializes in Lymphology, Light Therapy, Light Sound, Anti-Aging and growth factor technology
and Therapy as well as Cellular Rejuvenation and PEMF Therapy. Recently she completed
Advanced Holistic Iridology.

Email Nancy
Visit Nancy online

Come and enjoy Nancy's lecture:  
Wellness Matterz: Using Light, Sound & Binaural Beats"
Saturday @ 12:00pm in Room A
Cost: FREE
87 / Reiki Nashville TN / VSPR ~ Becki Baumgartner, Joyce Dierschke, Dan Craft,
Monique & Mike Sears
Your one stop for Holistic Living! Reiki, Animal Reiki, Herbs, Nature, Phenomena. Learn how to
live in harmony with the world around you!  Reiki, Animal Reiki, Herbs, Nature, Phenomena and
Paranormal research

Visit LuminEarth online
Visit Reiki Nashville

Enjoy their seminar:                                                                      
A Journey Into the Paranormal
Sunday 11:45am in Room B
Cost:  FREE
Enjoy Reiki Nashville's Workshop:
"Chakra Clearing Made Easy"  on
Saturday @ 12pm in the Classroom Area
Cost: $20

We at doTerra are committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential
oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world. We will do this by:
  • Discovering and developing the world's highest-quality therapeutic-grade essential oil
    products through a leveraged network of highly-educated and experienced botanists,
    chemists, health scientists, and health care professionals.
  • Producing our essential oil products to the highest standard of quality, purity, and safety
    used in the industry-Certified Pure Therapeutic GradeTM.
  • Distributing our products through Independent Product Consultants who, working from
    home, introduce, educate, and sell doTERRATM. Wellness products locally through person-to-
    person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites.
  • Providing educational opportunities for all people interested in learning how therapeutic-
    grade essential oils can be used as a self-care wellness alternative.
  • Bringing together health care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to
    encourage further study and application of therapeutic-grade essential oils in modern health
    care practices.
Rhonda Ford:  615-975-3863

Come and enjoy Rhonda's Seminar
The Benefits of Using Essential Oils
Saturday @ 12:45pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Aura Photography~Karen & Frank George
See us for a detailed explanation of your aura to learn what the colors, placement,
and chakra energy activity reveals about you.

Mountaintop Reiki ~ Richard Jernigan
Whether you want to experience Reiki for the first time, just need an energy work session or tune-up,
some extra help to relax and relieve some stress or just want to learn more about Reiki, you should
make a point to stop by!

email Richard
Visit Mountaintop online

Dianna's Soap Box- Dianna Harvey  

Award winning local artisan offering wonderfully crafted and handmade Soaps and Body Butters.
Dianna's soaps are enriched with shea butter and olive oil, using all natural ingredients combined
with essential oils for a variety of softly scented products.
Unscented soaps are available for those who are fragrance sensitive or whose work requires them
to be scent-free. Your body will love some of the  additional botanicals such as flowers, seeds or
other polishers (like corn meal or oats) for their skin care properties.  Dianna's body butters are
made with shea butter, hemp and jojoba oils. A small amount goes a long way. You can feel the
smoothing and softening effects of the body butters for hours after application. Stop by and sample
some for a truly unique experience!

Visit the Soap Box online!

Crystal Creations ~ Alan & Barbara Garrett
We have sterling silver, stainless steel and gemstone jewelry. We have quartz crystals and other
minerals in many different shapes and sizes.  Please come by and check us out. You never know
what we will have that will tickle your fancy.
Email the Garretts

Divine Heart Connections ~ Mary Bannon
You already have Divine Heart Connections™: Come experience a very powerful healing and stress-
releasing modality. Learn to do 2-pointing yourself@ In just minutes a day, you will transform your

Mary Bannon! In Nashville! June 20-21, 2015 at Cosmic Connections!
Transformational Workshop!   "Divine Heart Connections™ : 2 Points to Freedom"
Be prepared to TRANSFORM your life from one of stress and chaos to living a more joyful and
healthy life!!!
Divine Heart Connections™ (DHC) is a very powerful healing and stress-releasing modality that
works in releasing energy blockages with a very easy and quick procedure that takes only minutes a
day through the use of two-pointing. It is easy to keep stress levels down and energy blockages
released with the use of this modality, for anything in your life.  
In this fun-filled two day weekend workshop, you will learn to heal your life in ways you have never
imagined. The objective of using the two point healing modality is to provide you with a simple,
gentle way to open the door for healing to happen on a daily basis. Because we are emotional
energy beings, we have the tendency to hang onto old emotional traumas from childhood to the now
and present. In this workshop, you will learn how to release these energy blockages easily and
effectively to promote radiant health and joy-filled living. You can two point yourself to sleep, two point
headaches away, or two point relationships to create a healthier happy life. The possibilities are
While Divine Heart Connections™ is very capable of providing great results on its own, energy
practitioners may find that incorporating this modality with other holistic modalities will make a great
complement to their services as well.
Attending this workshop will allow you to learn about self-limiting beliefs and how to use the two
point method to break old habits and pre-conditioned beliefs. By tapping into the zero point field, you
change your belief system. This is where TRANSFORMATION begins!
I have learned many different energy modalities and I have found this one to be the simplest and
easiest way to change energy patterns. However, learning to use this modality on a daily basis will
help you in all areas of your life. For example, when you schedule an interview for a new job, two
point yourself to help you relieve your stress and be calm. If you are selling your house, two point the
energy around your house to make it the most noticeable and sellable house in your area, and then
two point the buyers to pay the amount you want to sell it for. You can also two point the energy
around finding the perfect house for you and your family.  
This energy modality can and will transform your life. Let it be a part of your daily lifestyle.
This 2-day transformational workshop is just $300!    
Pre-pay by May 17, 2015 (at Cosmic Connections, or at the show ) and pay just $250!

Visit online for more detailed information about Mary  & 2 Points 2 Freedom

Come and enjoy Mary's Seminar & Demonstration
Divine Heart Connections™2 Points 2 Freedom
Saturday @ 11:00 in Room A
Cost:  FREE

Graybear ~ Channeler and Energy work
Jo Graybeal ~ Intuitive Guidance
Channeling the Ancient Ones, Graybear provides valuable information and insights to help you with
your life path.  His guides are often able to provide a bigger picture, advising the individual how they
can best work with the universe, what their purpose in this life may be, and how what they do affects
the higher realms.  
While Graybear's primary guides identify themselves as the "Ancient Ones," he has also worked
with the energies of Mother Mary, Sunanda, and may other spiritual masters.

Jo is a gifted reader and Intuitive.
She has worked in the spiritual arena for more than 30 years.  She has done reading for the famous
and the not so famous and finds we all have the same spiritual questions.
She incorporates her scientific background with your energy field, working with where you are today.  
She enlists your participation and your permission to assist your  guides and angels to bring forth
answers.  She may use a deck of cards, an item of yours, a crystal or just hold your hand.  
Your privacy and confidentially are always maintained.  
Jo tours with her husband, Graybear, speaking and reading in spiritual venues around the country.

Jo or Terry (Graybear) Graybeal - 850-564-1113
Gray Bear Online
Jo Online

Come and enjoy Jo's FREE Seminar
Reincarnation Revisited: A Second Look at Who You Might Be!
Saturday @ 1:30pm in Room B

Integrative Life Scripting ~ Marvin L. Wilkerson, CH., CI.
Human beings learn at an early age to mimic Mothers, Fathers and the environment creating the
experiences we live. We’re also endowed with DNA patterns that represent the emotional
environment and issues of our ancestors. These scripts and patterns are responsible for choices
and actions in our adult life that no longer fit who we authentically are. This presentation takes you
behind the scenes to the inner mind to discover and discard old scripts and patterns which allows
us to live more in the moment releasing the imagination that’s powers us to achieve our unique
personal goals.  
Marvin is certified in Consulting & Medical Hypnosis, is a Master Astrologer, Past Life Regression &
Life Re-Scripting specialist, Medicine Wheel teacher, Shamanic Journey practitioner and uses many
techniques to help people heal past programming, patterns and scripts at the source of all conflict.
His motivation is to facilitate others to take control of their life by understanding how their current
beliefs and experiences have led them to this moment.

Email Marvin
Visit AstroMarv online
Better Life Hypnosis online

Come and enjoy Marvin's FREE Seminar
Discovering Our Scripts We Live By
Sunday @ 10:45am in Room A

G & G- Soul to Soul ~Francine 'Tuvia' Graver & Kenny Graver
Restore your mind-body-soul connection for inner calm. Kenny Graver, LMT with certification in
medical massage. Francine "Tuvia" Graver,  Integrative Healer (LMT, Registered Certified
Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Spiritual intuitive, Acutonics Practitioner ).
Kenny: 615-293-2231
Francine: 615-497-7347

Brenda Star - Iridology
Brenda Star will be present to answer questions, make pictures of the eyes and expand the
knowledge of this great science. Brenda is also a Certified Natural Health Professional.
Visit Brenda online

Come and enjoy Brenda's informative and fascinating Seminar
Iridology: What Do Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health?!
Saturday @ 2:15pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Moon Child Enterprises ~ Judi Small
Items to delight the eye. Jewelry to make you smile. Tools of religious practice. Hats to brighten your
day. Hand made Spirit Dolls and hand made Flower Fairies

Gem & Mineral Society of Nashville
Hugh Bennett's Minerals, Stones & Jewelry

Lapidary, silver smithing, faceting, and jewelry making demonstrations all day long!  Both days!

Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Each year
Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. continues to advance its mission of promoting the
scientific study of physical and historical geology; the appreciation and preservation of rocks and
minerals; to learn and perpetuate the lapidary arts and to increase the knowledge of members and
the community in the earth sciences and lapidary arts.

MTGMS is a non-profit organization and has a jewelry school located in Donelson, TN in the Fifty
Forward building at 108 Do nelson Pike, Nashville, TN

John Martin: 615.210.5385
email for information on classes

Cosmic Connections ~ The Cosmic Crew
Cosmic Connections is the organizer and host of this Expo. We are here to provide you with the
tools, resources connections to, and fun things for your journey and just a small sampling of all that
we carry at Cosmic!
Be sure to visit our store located behind Belmont University at 1701 Portland Avenue.   
Stop by our booth and register for $1,000 in prize drawings!   
  • Gift Baskets full of great merchandise and Cosmic Gift Certificates!  One has $150 in
    Cosmic Merchandise + a  $50 Cosmic Connections Gift Certificate. Two have $100 in
    Cosmic Merchandise + $25 Cosmic Connections Gift Certificates.
  • 30 MORE  $20 winners will be drawn! Gift Certificates good for great merchandise in our
  • You Do Not need to be present to win.
  • Winners notified by phone and e-mail one week after the show!

E-Mail us
Visit our website

Hush Wave ~ Matt King
An exciting approach to sleep, earthing, meditation and beyond using pulsed scalar and stacked
sound waves.  A device composed of a quartz sphere and hand-wound point-to-point soldered coils.
Whatever frequencies you choose, preprogrammed or specifically tailored to your need, it's created
for your enjoyment and benefit.  Originally created to alleviate insomnia, it was soon discovered that
it had many other benefits. Better sleep, less mental fog and deeper meditative states are only a few
of the experiences you can have.

Appalachian Cultural ~ Matt King
Fine energetic art and jewelry. Custom binaural, Biofeedback analysis and audio sessions.
Tinctures & essential oils.    Custom made Orgonite devices

More info online

Come and enjoy Matt's informative and fascinating Seminar
The HUSH System...
Saturday @ 5:30pm in Room A
Cost: FREE

Reiki & More  ~ with Rosa Moore
I invite you into my booth to experience Reiki - the Universal Healing Energy that is available to
anyone.  Allow me to bring in the energy and hold the space for it to flow into and through you.  
Providing all that you need for stress reduction, relaxation and overall well being.  
It is my honor to be of service to you.

Email Rosa

Wholistic Supernal  ~ Iayaalis
Supernal restorative sessions. Shamanic Healing / Energywork / Intuitive Bodywork

Email Iayaalis
Visit on FB

The Enchanted Willow & Jewels by K ~ Mardy Smith & Kris Allen
Handmade wire-wrapped jewelry ( copper and sterling silver), sterling silver semi-precious stone
jewelry, handmade  cabochons, tie-dyed clothing and accessories, handmade beaded jewelry.

Mardy: 615-417-1416
Kris: 615-347-1984

Holistic Healing with Homeopathy ~ Abby Petty & George Constantine
We specialize in handcrafted Tree of Life art, jewelry, home decor and more. Every piece is created
by us with divine intent and love.  

Visit online

Daydreamer's Designs ~ Tim & Lawra Lebzelter
Homeopathy heals with traditional and new remedies tested by homeopaths and approved by the
FDA. Come explore how to find remedies best suited to your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Visit online

Om Botanical: Best Natural Skincare ~ Sudhir Shah
Stop by for a free demo on the Best Natural Skin Care by OM Botanical. Fast visible results in just
one minute. Show special:  25% OFF all products!

Visit online

Sound & Health  ~ Robin Barnes
The state of your health can be found in the sound of your voice. Come see how a vocal print shows
what is going on in your body and how frequency can realign the body back to optimal health.

Email Robin

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids & Pyramids ~ Thomas Putnam
Copper pyramids, crystal grids and more for your home, your person, your life!
Come see us, you will be glad you did!

Visit online

Doc Monday's Magickal Medicinals ~ Megan McNamara
Doc Mondays Magickal Medicinals offers healing products for modern living. Doc Monday is a
practicing psychologist and energy healer who provides holistic healing solutions. Orgonite energy
healing devices are functional and beautiful art pieces that incorporates the healing power of
crystals and precious metals to create a healing quantum field. Orgonite ornamental statues and
jewelry that provide energy protection and wellness benefits. Energy healing sprays provide much
needed benefits for your energy field combining the healing powers of crystals, essential oils and
flower essences. Both Orgonite and Magic Sprays come in product lines including mood stabilizers,
stress releasers, chakra balancers, intention manifesters, grounding protectors and soul soothers

Email Doc Monday

Vibershield Technologies - Wellness Jewelry & Pet Tags ~ Debra & Michael Baldwin
Organic Vibration Therapy - wear a Vibershield and help restore your body back to its' natural state
by blocking EMFs and helping your body heal better with better focus and a reduction in pain,
swelling and inflammation.  Improves sleep.

Visit online

Led By Spirit ~  Sha'La Lightwolf
Sha'La Lightwolf is a spiritual Healer, hypnotist and trance communicator whom also receives the
energies of Ascended Masters, Native Americans and the Angelic Realms. She has been led by
Spirit to share so that others might awaken to their own abilities and true selves.

Visit with Sha'La online

Come and enjoy Sha'La's seminar
Spirit Attachments: How Spirits Stay Earthbound and How We Can Assist Them to the Light"
Saturday @ 5:30pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Tomstones ~  Tom Benedict
Stone and mineral sales. Free 'stone readings' to match people with the appropriate stones for their
personal healing.

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Rev. L'Vereese Britten: Minister of Healing

Intuitive channeling, healer and transformational life coach specializing in channeling, oracle, crystal
healing and angelic attunements, Reiki and Sacred Meditation.

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Finish the day on Saturday with L'vereese's:
Angel Meditation
Saturday @ 6:15pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Pranic Healing / Arhatic Yoga ~ Adam Hill
Learn to experience divine healing energy and develop your own gifts and abilities. We seek
students who are interested in self development, spiritual development or becoming healers.
Free Pranic Healing mini-clinic for relieving stress. Experience the powerful Meditation on Twin
Hearts. Learn about energetic self-development through the Arhatic Yoga system. Explore your own
talents for healing.

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Come join us for:
From Attorney to Yogi,  A Personal Transformation"
Sunday @ 2:15pm in Room B
Cost: FREE

Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy  
 Ramona Reid, LMT, Yvonne Constancio, L.Ac, Bridgett Kurtz, Cyndi
Clark, Kim Salter
NCAT is a community of alternative therapists, utilizing education and personalized treatment plans
to address physical issues and structural imbalances as well as emotional, psychological and
spiritual struggles.

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Spirit of Three Healing Services ~ Deb Randolph, Terri Gillespie
Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Multi-practitioner energywork, pain relief

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There is a rest area next to Booth #1 at the front of the building,
Another rest area in the center of the building
A sitting area between Booths #13  &  #14
In the new room there are two areas to sit and relax.
The Café  will be open again this year!

Be sure to check out all the exhibitor information, fliers and business cards
on the information tables at the rest area in the middle of the building
Exhibitor Descriptions
16-17, 2015

at The Fairgrounds Nashville
500 Wedgewood Avenue   Nashville, Tennessee 37203
May 16-17, 2015
10am-7pm Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday