In exchange for your volunteer assistance!
The Galactic Expo is a very large,
mostly volunteer-run event!
Assistance is always needed and very much appreciated
for a variety of tasks for each show

  • Distribute posters in the month prior to the show
  • Help with a variety of  paperwork and bag stuffers prior to the show
  • Assist with set up or check-in on Friday...
  • Be a seminar runner...
  • Be a booth sitter....
  • There are other odds & ends....
  • Set up chairs....
  • Assist with closing on Sunday....
  • A variety of other light-duty tasks....
  • Multiple 'Door Persons' needed....
  • Some of our vendors appreciate help setting up & packing up at the end of
    the show, especially the crystal vendors & gift vendors.

These are volunteer positions.
Tips should not be expected.

We appreciate your help!
Help as little two hours, or as much as you like....

In exchange, you and a friend will receive
FREE Admission
for the weekend to the Expo and the
satisfaction of knowing that YOU helped to make this
an even smoother and more well-run event!

To sign up or for more information, contact:

The Amazing Sarah
The Galactic Expo Volunteer Coordinator
E-mail Sarah
E-mail Katherine

or contact:
Cosmic Connections: 615-463-7677
Volunteer Coordinator:    Sarah Pershon
or Katherine King
Be A Galactic Volunteer
17-18, 2014
$7 per day!

Only $6 per day
at the door
with a Coupon

Pay at the door
for both days:
Only $10

Advance Purchase
$5 per day
May 17-18, 2014
10am-7pm Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday
at the  
Nashville Expo Center
(formerly the
Tennessee State
500 Wedgewood
Avenue   Nashville,
Tennessee 37203

Hello Galactic Reader!
Thank you for taking a look at our information to volunteer at the Galactic Expo!
On the 'show circuit', we have an excellent reputation for having the absolute BEST volunteers!   It is all of our amazing
volunteers that have given us that reputation.
 We have a wonderful core of volunteers that come back year after year to help us.  Each year we are thrilled to add to our group
with people who just want to be of service and add their beautiful energy to our event.

 A commitment of just 4 hours will get you free admission for both days and another two passes for a friend or two and one
parking pass.   You will also gain the satisfaction of knowing that YOU have added your wonderful energy to our show and
helped to put on an amazing event here in Nashville.

We appreciate all day help too! Many of our core volunteers commit themselves to the entire weekend. Assistance is also
needed in the weeks leading up to the show, with social media and distributing posters.

We will get you set up with a variety of things, give you an ID badge, and turn you loose!

This is the help we are looking for:
 We need help from about 9am Friday morning through 8-9pm Sunday night for everything from light duty set-up, to booth-sitting,
being an all around gofer, to light-duty break down and clean up during and after the show.

Before the show:
•        Distribute our full color expo posters:  Posters are letter size paper.   If you have a hair salon or a local mom & pop store that
you could ask if you could hang them at, a favorite consignment store, anything like that would be great.  Let us know if you have
locations you could do this and we will put 5-10, or whatever you need, into the mail to you.   Corporate businesses  like
department stores, chain pizza places, restaurants, chain hair salons etc, will have regulations against posters.  You'll need to
ask permission at local businesses.  
•         Send us your address and quantity of posters you would like to have and we will pop them into the mail to you.
•        Social media:
If you are a Social Media person:  Facebook, twitter, ping, zing, or any of the many that are out there...then we are happy to send
you a copy of our poster in PDF form so that you can let your friends know to "Come to the Show!.   The poster is also available
on our website, on the homepage.   or
take an image of the postcard and post it on your FB along with any message you would like about attending our fabulous event!  
We are finding the postcard image is a great tool!  Be sure to add :    and the admission:   $7 per day / $6
with a coupon / $5 online or at Cosmic Connections.

  On Friday. We begin at 8:30am and are there until 7:00pm:
•        Our crew arrives between 8 - 8:30am to hang signs, tweek and get ready for the weekend.  Vendors start setting up at noon.
•        Light duty set up...moving a few tables or chairs.
•        Stuffing the free tote bags that are given away to customers with their admission.
•        Hanging paper signs (these are legal size cardstock signs; not heavy, attached to each booth with small curtain hooks).
•        Being a runner / gofer for whatever might be needed.  
•        For those who want a more physical task, some of our vendors appreciate help unloading and setting up.  There's some
wonderful crystal & gift vendors that often appreciate an extra set of hands.  This is a volunteer position. We inform all our
vendors that tipping is not required and not expected.   (Many vendors will tip and often with merchandise)
•        Unloading Zone:
o        We have 3 sets of ground level doors that our vendors unload at. It helps Steve (our security guy, and our Amazing
awesome husband) to know which vendor belongs to each vehicle.  There is no parking permitted in front of the buildings,
except to unload.  After unloading, vehicles need moved.  If a vehicle remains there, unoccupied and inactive, let Steve know who
it belongs to.  He has a very gentle way of letting the vendor know they need to move it before it gets towed.  Also...there are 100+
vendors who need to unload.  The unloading zones need shared. We will have a couple of people help Steve with this.

  On Saturday & Sunday:
•        Booth Sitters:  Watching a booth so the vendor can take a break or present their seminar.  This keeps someone in their
booth that might be able to answer a question or two, set an appointment for them, or just to simply say:  They will be right back
and to watch merchandise and belongings.
•        Seminar 'runners'.   There are free seminars every 45 minutes both days.  We have volunteers that notify each speaker at
their booth about 10 minutes prior to their talk, and then reminds the current presenter that they have 5 minutes left.   All of this
helps to keep our presenters running on time and keeps the customers moving in and out of our seminar area smoothly.
•        Lunch Gofer: Some of our vendors would appreciate it if you were willing to stand in line at the cafe and bring lunch back to
their booth for them.  Be sure to ask for a receipt from the cafe as this is a business expense for the vendor.
•        Door Sitters / Watchers:  We need to keep a person at each of the two sets of side doors.  These are not entrances
(although you can let a vendor or volunteer in & out).  Security Steve gives instructions for this. We guide everyone to the front
•        Restroom Help: Much easier than you might envision!  Keep trash off the floor (we have little brooms and dustpans with
handles), keep trash emptied, wipe the sinks down with paper towels if they need it. Empty trash in stalls, check stalls for paper,  
wall holders for paper towels.  We ask everyone to help with this since almost everyone uses the facilities at least once while
they are there, and then we have a few people who do a more thorough job.
•        Trash Help:  We generate a lot of trash from Friday morning setup to Sunday evening cleanup. We generally have one or
two people who help carry the trash to the dumpster, other than that we have one area outside that we are permitted to stack it in
bags. If trash is at ½ - ¾ full it needs emptied.  Full (and possibly smelly) or overflowing trash bins tend to send our customers
•        Generally wander:  If you have an ID badge on and are wandering the show, just ask vendors, especially those who are in
their spaces alone, if they need a break, need water, need anything. If you see a group of customers just standing around, or you
are taking a break, engage them in conversation.  Ask things like "Are you enjoying the show? Have you been before? First time?
Do you have a favorite? "  Things like that.  Always let us know your feedback, especially if it is something negative. If it appears
that our customer has an issue that we need to help with, be sure to let us know or direct them to us.
•        At the entrance:  A volunteer who can help take the pre-paid tickets, those who have paid online and are presenting their
'ticket' via their email receipt on their phone.  We love paper-savers!   This person will also encourage everyone who comes in to
please register for the door prizes that Cosmic Connections gives away.  These drawings are one of the things that helps us to
grow our customer base and having someone there encouraging the registrations makes a huge difference in the number of
new sign-ups we get each year.
•        Walking Sweepers:  Pretty much what it sounds like.  Just make regular walks around the building and into the restroom
and sweep up bits of trash with our little brooms and long-handled dustpans.
•        Concession / seating area at the back doors, chairs in the rest areas & in the Seminar Room:  There are new concession
caterers this year.  As far as we know the cafe, now called the Skyline, will be open Saturday & Sunday of our event.  Some
vendors/ customers may still choose to bring their lunch to the tables at the back of our building.  This area should remain clean
and free of trash.   Chairs in our 3 rest areas, the concession area and in our seminar room may need to be straightened
regularly to help them maintain an inviting look.  Our rest areas is what helps our customers take a break.  If they get tired and
can't sit down anywhere, then they leave.  Our rest areas / concession area are important locations too.

Clean floors throughout the show, clean well-stocked restrooms with decent looking sinks and non-overflowing trash cans
make a huge impression on customers.  It makes them want to come back, and more importantly, it makes them want to stay.

All cleaning is minor and light-duty.  
Major cleaning or plumbing problems (stopped up sinks or toilets)  are handled by fairgrounds maintenance workers.

On Sunday after the show:
•        Signs down:  We take down the paper signs and the curtain hooks.
•        Vendor help:  Some vendors will appreciate an extra set of hands to pack up and maybe load up.
•        Trash & Sweeping:   We generate even more trash at closing.  On Sunday evening, there is one designated area to pile
trash and it is inside the building. We continually move trash and sweep towards this area, leaving the restrooms in good order
with empty cans.

What kind of volunteers are we looking for?  
Answer: Happy Volunteers:

We want all our volunteers to have the attitude that matches those of our favorite Publix Grocery Store employees:
•        Everything is done with a smile.
•        Nothing is too much trouble.
•        Asking how may I help you?  
•        If you are unable to do what is asked, then you will happily find someone who can take care of them.

Our Volunteers:
•        All volunteers will be given ID badges when they come to the show.  The badges say 'Volunteer' and will have your name on
them.  This will let vendors know they can ask you for assistance.
•         If you have a Volunteer Badge on, it means you are willing to help, even if your answer is , "That's not something I can do or
that's not something I am able to do, let me go find someone who can"'.  Then you would tell our Amazing Sarah so she can get
them the help they need.   
•        Or "I don't know the answer to that, let me get someone who can help you"'; and then tell Sarah so that we can get them
their answer.
•        If you have your volunteer badge on, it means you are "'willing to work".  If you are being a customer, just don't wear your
badge, but do get your hand stamped at the entrance for 'admission'. Be sure to introduce yourself to our ladies at the ticket table
so they can recognize you as you come & go.
We promote our "volunteer staff" to our vendors as purely volunteer and no tipping required.  Many vendors may
choose to tip and usually do so with merchandise. PLEASE DON'T EXPECT TIPS.

Thank you again for wanting to help us create another fabulous Galactic Expo.
Contact the Amazing Sarah, our Volunteer Coordinator, Cosmic Connections: 615-463-7677 or,
whichever is most convenient for you,  and let us  know which days you would like to lend your assistance and we will get you in
and set up!

Sarah Pershon
Volunteer Coordinator
Galactic Expo             615.692.4032